NFL – Week 1 Picks, Gambling Picks

This. Is. Awful.

This. Is. Awful.

It’s Week 1!!! Rejoice my friends!!! Rejoice like this Packers fan!!! Let’s talk picks.


THANKS BIG BEN AND THE STEELERS FOR THAT MEANINGLESS LAST-SECOND TD ON THURSDAY NIGHT TO BEGIN MY GAMBLING SEASON 0-0-1. That’s right. I hammered the Patriots (-7) on Thursday Night. They won 28-21. They would’ve won 28-14 and secured me a safe cover and a 1-0 start to the season but NOOOOOOOOOOOO. For the rest of the season my record will not be a typical X-X record, it’ll be a soccer style X-X-X record. Lame.

New Rules for 2015!

I want to do something different this year than the run-of-the-mill “pick every game” scenario. I like upping the ante here. Each week I’ll pick six contests from the slate of games. I will then rank the games from six to one – six being my “lock” – one being my “upset special.” The “Six” pick – my “lock pick” – will be designated my “Money Marco Lock of the Week.” If that bet comes in – I will be awarded 6 points. If that pick DOESN’T come in I will be DEDUCTED six points from my weekly total.

My 1 pick or “Upset Special” is a wild card. This pick has to be an “upset” pick – I cannot designate a favorite in this slot. If I correctly pick the upset, I will be awarded 6 points. If I don’t correctly pick the game, I will be awarded 0 points. Picks 5 through 2 will be awarded the standard confidence points (5, 4, 3, 2) with a win, and 0 points with a loss. Quick note: A push is 1/2 the points of what I would’ve originally been awarded.

A “Perfect Week” is a 6-0 record for 26 points. A “Moron Week” is an 0-6 record for -6 points. Yay! We have negatives now!

Now let’s make some money!!!

Gambling Picks

6 – “Money Marco Lock of the Week” – New Orleans at Arizona (-2.5) 

5 – Baltimore (+5) at Denver

4 – Miami (-4) at Washington

3 – Green Bay (-7) at Chicago

2 – NY Giants (+6) at Dallas

1 – “Upset Special” – Carolina at Jacksonville (+3) 

Straight-Up Picks

*Quick note. A “favorite” pick is 1 point. And “Upset Pick” is worth 2 points.

Thursday Night: Patriots over Steelers (Already won).

– Packers over Bears

– Seahawks over Rams

– Colts over Bills

– Dolphins over Redskins

**UPSET ALERT** – Texans over Chiefs

– **UPSET ALERT** – Jaguars over Panthers

– Jets over Browns

– Chargers over Lions

– Cardinals over Saints

– Buccaneers over Titans

– Bengals over Raiders

– Broncos over Ravens

– Sunday Night: Cowboys over Giants

– Monday Night: Eagles over Falcons

– Monday Night: Vikings over 49ers


Season Gambling Record: 0-0-1 (1 push).

Season Overall Record: 1-0

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